Keeping Or Throwing The Moving Boxes?

There are many reasons behind keeping moving boxes and such other shipping supplies. This may be because you are anticipating a move or you may have just completed one. You would just not like to drag away all those invaluable cardboard containers and throw them off. This is because you had spent days in collecting these from neighbors, co-workers, as well as packing stores, supermarket and so on. Besides, they are so sturdy and hence appear so potentially useful.

But then you realize that you do have to clear the clutter. Now there are some boxes that are worth keeping while others are not.

It is always true that it makes more sense to hoard smaller boxes. This would mean the ones that come in at 1.5 cubic feet. This is because small boxes are easier to carry, load and move around. This is especially helpful in case you have to do most of the moving yourself. Besides, you can even pack up some of your lesser used items here and stack these away in the loft. Hence they can serve a dual purpose.

Typically, this means that you can get rid of all your larger boxes and shipping supplies. This would include your appliance boxes, besides wardrobe boxes, as well as the commercial bin–size boxes. These are almost impossible to carry around or load. Even after flattening them, those massive boxes can be really tough to store.

So just stow away the small boxes and toss away the biggest ones. Now there will be a mishmash of various sizes and shapes that would be left around. So, you need to consider your needs here.

Do note that everything will not be able to fit in a small box. This includes your TV, floor lamps, large vases, as well as serving trays.

So now see what all can fit in the medium-size boxes. Also, never try to fit in many small things into a large box as you will only break them.

The fact is that we always tend to hold on to our shipping supplies the moment something comes in. This would include the giant flat-screen TV box, small appliances box, hair drier box and even the box in which the new dress came in. The fact is that those boxes will hold only that thing for which it is made. And keeping all these boxes would mean moving twice as many boxes when the time comes.

Keep boxes only of those things that are incredibly fragile. Toss away all the other boxes. Now, look at all the saved boxes. In case they are torn, chipped, cracked or damaged in any other way, move them to the trash can.

Now give the inside of the box a good whiff too. There may be the permanent smell of cleaning products, spice cabinet, or unwashed clothes in it. This means that whatever you pack in it later, it could end up smelling too. Hence you need to throw away such boxes too.

Now gather the boxes that you are planning to keep. Just cut the tape on both sides. Now fold the boxes flat. You may store them in a stack. Make sure it is in a dry environment. This way you can keep them looking good and smelling great for a long time!

Author: Sam Wilson

rior to my current job I was writing about dolls in the government sector. Gifted in developing bullwhips in Mexico. Spent several months consulting about race cars in the aftermarket. Developed several new methods for lecturing about catfish in Las Vegas, NV.

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